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A Road of Random Thoughts
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Simple. Sarcastic. Sexy.

To: You

A soul.

A life.

Changed by you.

A mind.

A heart.

Touched by you.


A future.

Created by you.



Found by you.

A vision.

A world.

Attained through you.



Claimed by you.

Flaws and all.

Seen by you.

My love.

My all.

Only for you.

Some Things about Nothing: How to handle women


By now, I have seen the best and the worst of you. I’ve seen the men who will tell a woman she looks beautiful, who will remain standing until she’s been seated or will allow her to board a bus ahead of him. I’ve seen the men who address a woman as “damn guh”, who will smack her butt as she walks…

There’s so much truth in this blog post!

(Source: tabbithron, via davisbitchley)

What happened to Joss Stone?! I freaking love her